A First Time for Everything; a styled elopement shoot and starting a small business

There's a first time for everything, they say.  Over the last few months, I've grown to seriously understand the truth of this. As a brand new small business, there are a ton of firsts. First client, first shoot, first flower crown, first business proposal, first timeline, first blog post, first fuck-up, first everything.  And without a doubt, the firsts are bound to keep coming.  But how exciting, right? How exciting to finally grab hold of my courage and start a business by myself, how exciting to crawl out of my introverted shell and meet amazing people, how exciting to be surrounded by flowers all the time and to build my own garden.  How exciting to be so small but still make a difference in the world. It's especially exciting to work with other amazingly talented and unique professionals.  

I got the pleasure to spend a whole day with some beautiful souls on an Elopement Shoot at Horsethief Butte in the Washington Gorge. It was early November, daytime temps of 40 degrees and blustery winds, and we had myself, an officiant, a photographer, two insanely courageous models and their dog, and an Astro Van.  Despite the bone-chilling cold, the staggering view and the company warmed our spirits through the whole shoot- and I guess the whiskey and champagne helped a little, too.  

Emily of Rooted and Wild was our celebrant for the shoot. Talk about big heart and big personality! I'd seriously and persistently suggest couples let her guide their ceremony, vow renewal, bridal shower, or elopement.  She knows the PNW, and she is down to tromp through any forest or scout out the best cabin for your special adventure.   She's young, full of energy, knowledgeable, and I believe no one else can make a ceremony as special and as personal as she can.  @rootedandwildpdx https://www.rootedandwild.co

Donny of Donny Mays photography was our photographer and owner of the amazing Astro Van.  Whudda guy, guys.  He won me over when he shot my own wedding over a year ago, and he continues to win me over by being a seriously relaxed, friendly, and determined artist. I say determined, because he stops at nothing to get the best shot, and he will go anywhere with you to take photos.  He will go on a ten day climbing trip to the top of some mountain far away to get amazing shots of your adventure wedding, and you'll find a new friend in him after the trip is done. Working with him is so easy and fun, and there is never a doubt that his photos will be stunning.  @donnyfoto http://www.donnymays.com 

Our amazing models were Audrey and Joe, of St. Johns, and they are so in love.  You can just tell. They also got married for reals about four months back, so that newlywed glow was still about them.  Boy were they troopers.  I was freezing in my snowboarding jacket and long johns, and they were wearing practically nothing, especially Audrey in her adorable white jumpsuit.  But there wasn't one photo that told how cold they were.  If anything, the cold drew them closer together and made for some lovely intimate shots.  Oh, and Duke, their dog, was the sprinkles on top of the cake...what a great model!